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There are a lot of things I could say about the current climate, but the most important thing to me as an artist and person is how people respond to adversity. This pandemic forces us to connect in new ways and value the simple things; friendship, nature, beauty, conversation...

I came across this article that lists "Artist" as the top non-essential worker and its something I've thought a lot about since all this has started. Art has a way of freeing people when they are trapped and accessing that part of themselves that activates the imagination that is a balm to the mind and soul. Art now more than ever is a way to stay connected and keep the conversation going on a local and global scale. I am so appreciative of my fellow artists and hope to contribute positivity to this environment.

I was honored to be part of a panel at Fireside at Five that discusses the role art has during COVID and the changing landscape to come. Check out their chats on this and a number of other subjects, it is a great way to hear from passionate people in their field.

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