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Babewalls, Renewed

After discovering my allergy to spray paint and the subsequent health problems, I took a look at the wall I had created and it seemed gloomy and dark. It was a reflection of how I was feeling while painting it and so, I did a new wall.

It was not only a chance to approach this moment with a lighter perspective, but a way to develop new methods with a combination fo wheat paste, brush paint and a touch of spray. I was lucky enough to gain support from the female artist community from start to finish with this project, and the subject matter reflects that.

This new design is dedicated to my first art teacher, and badass female painter, who along with the other strong women in my life have inspired/encouraged me to create. The sunflowers pay homage to her and the central figure is a a pose that appeared in a previous work. I love the portrayal of a woman, head tilted back with a balance of strength and softness, power and focus. They reflect my experience as a female trying to navigate the art world.

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