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Last week was the kick off of Art Biome at Grasslands. I was able to reveal the project I have wanted to bring to fruition for a while, a mural that encompasses the concept of biome with nature from the area, but also tells stories from the community. This image will incorporate stories, poems, moments etc that are a snapshot of the people and place at this time. Over the next few months I will be collecting stories from the people of Denver and writing them on the wall along with building an online journal. The goal is to ultimately create walls like this around the world that act as portals to connect people.

Here are some prompts for this wall in particular, to inspire pieces of writing:

• Describe a transcendent or perspective shifting experience you have had. • Was there a positive interaction you had with a stranger, or a “pay it forward” moment? • Tell us about a fork in the road which influenced your life’s path • Was there a moment that spoke of “Denver” or “community” that you have experienced?

Please feel free to contribute and you may see your writing on this wall!

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