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Story Wall

The story wall is a mural that incorporates stories, poems, lyrics etc from the community into the painting. The first sentence of each piece of writing is painted on the wall, and the rest of it can be found in this collection. This painting acts as portals into a place, and its people at that moment in time. 

Biome- Denver CO

The inaugural "story wall" mural. This project is currently underway at Grasslands, 100 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO, 80223. 


9/16/22 At a month long Buddhist art retreat, the teacher had us (outside) and we took half an hour to turn 360 degrees. My perspective and how I saw myself in the world totally changed. -Jo Fitsell

9/16/22 I saw my best friend from highschool glowing colors around his body through a phone, and it made me realize he'll always be there for me for some reason.

9/16/22 In 1998 I had a job at an ice cream shop on Pauly's Island in S.C. My grandmother guilted me into coming to Denver. That summer I met my best friend, found the Denver music scene, had midnight coffee at Paris on the Platte and ran the empty downtown streets. If not for that summer, I wouldn't be here now.

9/16/22 When they died my heart broke open. Out of the center shot rainbows. Like a Carebear the love shot out in colors and connected with everyone's pain and suffering. Love connects us to our pain and each other.

9/15/22 Hint of a smile, promise to look, not to touch. Call me a liar, said that you couldn't get enough. And wasn't it fine, when you took all my precious time? Save it for the sun, I got to carry on. Wish it wasn't true, I just can't care for you. Lost in the wild without a moment left to space. Wasn't the time, it's not that I didn't care. Stepped out of line trying to leave it all behind. Save it for the sun, I got to carry on. Wish it wasn't true, I just can't care for you. Slip out of the dock and I''ll kove myself at sea. Safe off the shore, there's no harbor here for me. Forget the way you held me, I couldn't if I tried. Save it for the sun, I got to carry on. Wish it wasn't true, I just can't care for you. -Ian Maxwell

9/14/22 When I am present, I am both most alive, and closest to death. The dead don't have hopes and dreams. They decay peacefully without fears and worry. - Katelyn Padgett

9/25/22 Many of our new neighbors helped us find our dog without knowing us and saved her life. She was scared and running through traffic and it was the kindness of strangers that helped us get her home safely. This showed me that there really are good people in the world. -Kylee Skall

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